One can ask that why should one study history.It is not relevant to study because it passed.Why should we bother? But it’s not right.History is not about past it’s about present.Things we see around , they just didn’t pop up one day.Things that we see are product of a long and very slow gradual process.History is like an adventure .When one go for study history one travels to the past times.It gives one idea about peoples of that time.their livelihoods,their way to live.Even if one go to two different places it finds that both are distinct in their nature.All places have their different identity because all places have their different history and one way or another everything is related to history.Like if we see the China’s rise in history we find that they wanted dominance on whole world for long time.They gradually made progress and now they are biggest opposition to the superpower U.S.We can learn that how this changes happened,Like Osama Bin landen was not a born terrorist.But he became the terrorist after seeing his people in pain.Which all leads back to U.S. IS(al kayda) traces back to France and Spain.So if we see world around it is not just way it is.It is their because coarse of history made it that way.


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